Hannibal Season 3 Resumes Filming In Ontario

Hannibal Season 3 is looking at a possible spring premiere, and further filming is being done in Ontario this month. 

Cameras are once again rolling on Hannibal Season 3, as the series has returned to North America to resume filming. The series was just in Italy filming scenes for the new season of the show, but the return to Canada means we could be getting closer to a premiere date.

Word that the series is back on North American soil in no way guarantees that the series is nearing a production wrap date. That being said, with the first and second seasons having February and April premiere dates, logic would suggest that one of those two dates is being eyed by NBC.

There has been no announcement on a season premiere date for Hannibal Season 3, but if filming is continuing into January then the likelihood is that April or even May will be locked in as potential premiere months.

Then again, this could be final filming on back-half episodes of the season, meaning the first half is in the can and ready to roll out. No one knows for sure, but what we do know is that production on Hannibal is coming along and the series is going to premiere before we know it.

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