Are Will Graham and Hannibal Connected By Strange Love?

Hannibal Season 3 is right around the corner, and we are going to be reminded of how twisted the relationship Will and Hannibal have. 


With the return of Hannibal this summer, we will once again see where the relationship of Will and Hannibal goes. So far in the history of the two characters — both literary and visual — it’s gone from a weird admiration to pure hatred to one of the two trying to disembowel the other.

Back in 2014, Mads Mikkelsen — who plays Hannibal on the NBC adaptation — noted that he feels Will and Hannibal are connected by a strange love that is tragic but effects them both equally.

Going through what Hannibal did with Will, in the two seasons, is probably the closest he’s ever been to loving anyone.  What love means in his universe, we’ll have to see, later on.  Everything heartbreaking that happens to poor Will is also heartbreaking to Hannibal.

That’s — odd. But it strangely makes sense and it’s something to watch moving forward. Both Hannibal and Will are connected as they’re two characters that wouldn’t exist they way they do without one another. But it’s a relationship that is as toxic as it is productive — after all, Hannibal tried to kill Will and probably would have eaten him if he had succeeded.

It’s a strange love that they share, but there is nothing normal about this show and this is proof of that in the most creepy and caring way possible.