NFL GM Drops Hannibal Reference, Creates Media Frenzy

The NFL has Hannibal on the mind, as the GM of the Arizona Cardinals used the show to troll the process of judging a prospect’s character. 


Hannibal Lectar is one of the most recognizable characters in literary and cinematic history — and he’s a helpful tool when it comes to describing NFL prospects? That’s the current hot topic at the moment as the NFL barrels towards it’s draft next week and the all important player evaluation becomes relevant.

Aaron Hernandez was just sentenced to life in prison for murder, and that has once again caused the league to ask just how well — or how much they care — about player evaluation before the draft.

Arizona Cardinals GM Steve Keim was brutally honest when asked about the evaluation process and bluntly stated that it’s talent over character when it comes to winning in the draft.

Per ArizonaSports:

“It’s always going to be enticing for us, regardless of their issues, if they have tremendous skills,” Keim said. “I’ve said this before — If Hannibal Lecter ran a 4.3 (40-yard dash) we’d probably diagnose it as an eating disorder.

What this means is that if a player is a nutcase, but they’re incredibly talented, it’s worth overlooking the fact that he’s a cannibal if it means getting a chance to be Super Bowl winners.

It also proves that Hannibal is still a relevant character in pop culture and it’s never a bad thing to talk about everyone’s favorite flesh eating doctor.