‘Hannibal’ Creator Thinks ‘Game Of Thrones’ Rape Was ‘Tasteful’

Hannibal series creator Bryan Fuller is defending rape scenes in Game of Thrones as ‘tasteful’, all things considered. 

There are few shows as brutally gruesome and relentlessly gory than the NBC series Hannibal, but it’s not the most controversial thing on television.

While the violence on Hannibal is generally accepted, it’s still not the most talked about thing on television. That’s normally reserved for the HBO series Game of Thrones and what seems to be an annual rape scene.

Hannibal series creator Bryan Fuller spoke about the recent controversial rape scene on Game of Thrones involving Sansa Stark and Ramsay Bolton. It wasn’t as visually brutal as some of the things we see on that show — or Hannibal, for that matter — but it was wildly unsettling at best.

To Fuller, it was ‘tastefully’ done, all things considered.

I thought it was handled tastefully, all things considered. You could have done that scene on broadcast. With Thrones, you’re telling a story based on a time where those sort of violations were common. And women did not have the stance in that world to effectively resist. And with Sansa Stark, and that particular attack, we know Ramsay Bolton as someone who is a horrible violator of all things human—what he did to Theon Greyjoy is part and parcel of his cruelty.

Of course, Fuller isn’t defending rape here — because literally no one can or wants to. No one with a fully functional brain can defend rape, but Fuller is walking a tightrope in calling rape on Game of Thrones tasteful. He has a point though, if you can knife through the harsh exterior of that statement.

What that point is, of course, caries from person to person. Rape is not something that is tackled in broadcast television outside of every single episode of Law & Order: SVU, and Fuller’s comments need to be dissected before judgement is passed. Whatever that judgment is, though, is entirely up to the interpreter.