Why ‘Hannibal’ Will Fare Better On A Cable Network Or Streaming Site

After three years at NBC, Hannibal is searching for a new home — here’s why it’s for the best.

After three years, NBC is serving up its final season of Hannibal. As Fannibals well know by now, that doesn’t mean the show won’t go on — it’ll almost certainly end up on a streaming service like Amazon Prime or a cable network like Showtime. Wherever Hannibal ends up, it’ll surely fare better than it did on NBC.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m grateful that NBC gave Hannibal three seasons, but frankly, the Bryan Fuller series never had that network television feel and always seemed out of place on NBC. A show like Hannibal needs as much freedom as possible, and while the unique deal NBC had with Gaumont International allowed for certain boundaries to be pushed, there’s so much more that can be done with Hannibal the Cannibal©. Fuller has always maintained that NBC is great to work with, but a big part of why it was so lenient was probably the fact that they weren’t footing the entire bill.

On a cable network like Showtime or Starz, Hannibal can go places it can’t on NBC (even at 10 p.m. on a Friday night, with viewer discretion advised). The show can also be given a more viewer-friendly night and time. Friday and Thursday nights clearly didn’t work out for the series, but pairing it with a popular Sunday night show could do wonders for viewership. Even if Hannibal were to continue to pull in ratings around the 1 million mark on a cable network, it’d be considered more successful on that particular channel (except, perhaps, HBO, which has dramas pulling at least several million each weekend).

Putting the show on a site like Amazon Prime, meanwhile, would give viewers the chance to watch whenever they want and expand the potential audience significantly.

If it were up to you, which network or site would Hannibal end up on?

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