‘Hannibal’ Season 3, Episode 6 ‘Dolce’ US Ratings Are In

Hannibal‘s ratings rose up following the holiday weekend.

After last week’s series low ratings of 1.29 million viewers, Hannibal‘s viewership rose up a bit to 1.40 overall and .4 in the age 18-49 demographic, making it the second-most live-watched episode of the season.

3.01 (“Antipasto”): 2.57 / .7
3.02 (“Primavera”): 1.66 / .5
3.03 (“Secondo”): 1.69 / .5
3.04 (“Aperitivo”): 1.46 / .4
3.05 (“Contorno”): 1.29 / .4

While, as several commenters pointed out, the holiday weekend most likely accounted for the significant drop last week, the series is still experiencing a fairly steady decline. It’s been suggested that fans of the show might have heard about the cancelation and assumed new episodes were no longer airing, but it seems like the kind of thing a person might Google before giving up on the series entirely.

Though it’s sad to see such low numbers — especially despite Fannibals managing to get both #Hannibal and #MadsAndHugh trending for a good portion of the evening — we mustn’t feel too discouraged. There are still plenty of pick-up options for Hannibal. Cable networks in particular should take interest in the series, since its ratings, considered low by a broadcast channel’s standards, are actually quite good. (Penny Dreadful, for example, renewed for a third season in June, has never broken 1 million views.)

*Those aren’t even the final #Hannibal and #MadsAndHugh numbers — they reached well over 200K by the end of the night!