‘Hannibal’ Is Being Moved To Saturdays — What Next?

Dinner at Hannibal‘s is now being served on Saturdays.

In a surprise announcement today, NBC added insult to the injury that is its cancelation of Hannibal. It was only a few weeks ago that the network canceled our beloved show, and now we’re informed that the show, starting this week, will be moved to Saturdays. (It’ll remain in the same time slot.) De Laurentiis Company confirmed the news on their Twitter account on Monday.

Many Fannibals will remember that Season 1 had aired Thursday nights, which was considered by many as ideal. Unfortunately, Season 2 was moved to the Friday night death slot, where most shows go to perish, and Fannibals rejoiced over the news that Season 3 would see our favorite cannibal sitting down to dinner on Thursdays once again. Today’s news of a midseason move is disappointing to say the least, and many Fannibals feel is unnecessary as well.

Though the new Saturday time slot might push ratings down even more, DLC essentially said at this point ratings aren’t a concern, tweeting on Monday that “a partner would want the show for its quality and passionate fans” and adding that “there’s plenty of interest; it’s timing.”

That said, if you’re unable to watch on Saturday nights, don’t fret! Obviously watching live is ideal in terms of posting to social media, but, as we’ve said before, there are options for scheduling tweets ahead of time with DLC’s designated hashtag (which is #NakamaForever for this week’s episode, “Digestivo”). If you can’t watch live this Saturday, we urge you to use a site like TweetDeck or Hootsuite to post your #NakamaForever tweets in advance, scheduled for no earlier than 9 p.m. EST.

With additional reporting by Jess Goodwin