(Thunder)clap For ‘Hannibal’ And Maybe Win Some Signed Art

Help Hannibal trend this week and possibly win art signed by Richard Armitage — how awesome is that?! 

Last week’s episode of Hannibal, “Digestivo,” was phenomenal and had many Fannibals, as well as critics, raving. The ratings stayed steady at 0.4 in the 18-49 range, though we had a small dip in the total number of viewers (from 1.4 million to 1.24 million). Actually, that is impressive, considering its midseason move to Saturdays. (Aquarius, which aired right before Hannibal, didn’t fair as well).

Additionally, when the episode aired, Fannibals were able to get #Hannibal and #NakamaForever trending (excellent work!), and #Hannibal came in at number three on the Nielsen Twitter Ratings. This all proves that Fannibals are a force to be reckoned with. They can cancel our show, they can move it to a different day (in the middle of the season), but we are still going to watch, and we are definitely still going to tweet (and trend)!

Part of what helps us trend so successfully are the weekly Thunderclaps that are being organized. Each week, De Laurentiis Company (DLC) chooses a special hashtag for the upcoming episode. Afterward, a Fannibal (@wintherweaver on Twitter) has been setting up the weekly Thunderclap which includes #Hannibal and the corresponding special hashtag.

What Is Thunderclap and How Does It Work?

Once you click on the link, you see where you can sign up for Thunderclap via Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr (yes, you can do all three, not just one or the other). It’s free, easy, and quick to do. Once you sign up, on Saturday, at 9 p.m. EST, Thunderclap will send out a single tweet (or post) from everyone’s account that signed up.

Why Sign Up for Thunderclap?

For one, it will help us trend, which is important since we are still trying to find a home for Hannibal. To get a hashtag trending, we have to have a dramatic increase in the use of the hashtag. It can be difficult for us to get #Hannibal trending because many of us use that hashtag many times a day, every day. With the Thunderclap, however, if 2,000 people sign up, then 2,000 tweets will go out, all at the same time, with that hashtag, and that helps us with the dramatic increase needed to trend.

That’s Not All

This week, DLC has sweetened the deal a bit and added another incentive to sign up. If you look on the Thunderclap page, you will see it says what our “social media reach” is so far; last week the social media reach was at 2.5 million. This week, DLC is challenging us to hit 3 million for the social media reach.

If we accomplish this goal (and I believe we can), then on Saturday during the airing of this week’s episode of Hannibal, they will choose three random tweets to win a piece of art, created by @TheTuxedos, and signed by Richard Armitage! The contest is open to everyone, as long as they are tweeting during the east and/or west coast airing of the show (see this tweet).

Not going to be online during that time, because of time zone differences? There’s a solution to that: Use TweetDeck or HootSuite to schedule tweets. Keep in mind, they won’t have the contest if we don’t hit a social media reach of three million on Thunderclap, so if you haven’t signed up yet, please do so.