‘Hannibal’ Season 3, Episode 9 ‘And The Woman Clothed With The Sun…’ Recap

Dr. Lecter has officially made his way back inside Will Graham’s head on Hannibal.

The latest episode of Hannibal finds Will Graham and Dr. Lecter reunited — and no longer on a first name basis, much to Hannibal’s chagrin. Or perhaps he’s pleased to see the effects he’s having on his old friend. It’s impossible to tell exactly what Hannibal is thinking — he’s a little like a cat that way…

After all these years, Hannibal still knows exactly how to mess with Will. He guesses correctly that Will has taken on a surrogate, pre-made family (right down to the fact that he has a stepson rather than a stepdaughter) and makes a point to compare him to Francis Dolarhyde, who has also been hand-selecting surrogate, pre-made families. (Obviously the time they spend with their respective families is where they differ.)

Will considers Hannibal’s deductions and observes the Jacobis, trying to see in them what Francis saw, trying to figure out what to look for in possible victims. Naturally this is already starting to take a toll on him, and it’s scary to think where it’ll take him by the end of the season.

Speaking of Francis, he’s made a new friend in the form of Reba McLane, a blind pseudo-coworker who takes interest in the fact that she can’t sense any sympathy from Mr. D. (I suppose oftentimes the pitied know well enough not to pity.) This is also probably the first time Francis has felt a certain confidence — though Reba can hear him and knows of his cleft lip, she can’t see it. Nor can she see him freely observing her and looking at her face.

Alana, who we find out took the position at the Baltimore Hospital for the Criminally Insane specifically to keep a close eye on Hannibal, knows the doctor is up to something with Will but isn’t sure what just yet. I’m also worried that she’s not as cautious around Hannibal as it previously seemed — threatening to take away his books? His drawings? His toilet? Tsk, Alana, tsk. She, like Will now does, has plenty to lose at the hands of Hannibal, in the form of Margot and their son. (Who else was super happy to discover Margana lives?)

The scenes with Abigail were also a treat — I’d always wondered what happened in the moments after it was implied Hannibal had killed her, and what she had been up to the entire time she was presumed dead.

As for Freddie Lounds, I was glad to see her back in action, though at this point seeing her makes me wonder when Francis will come for her. I feel confident saying she’s going to regret offering help to Will.

One thing that’s struck me about the Red Dragon arc so far is that so much of it is taken verbatim from the novel. This has been the case with the first two seasons, but their sources were mashed up and remixed and elaborated upon. Could Fuller feel a special connection to Red Dragon in particular or is it simply because this is the first time he’s adapted a novel without mashing it up with another?