The ‘Hannibal’ Finale is Almost Here — Let’s Storm Twitter

It’s the week of the Hannibal Season 3 finale… let’s take over Twitter on Saturday in a show of love and support to the cast and crew! 

Well fellow Fannibals, here we are… the last week of Season 3 of Hannibal. This week will be bittersweet; I look forward to the finale, but sad to see the season (note I said “season” and not the other “s” word) come to an end. However, I do not believe this is the end of our beloved show forever; I have faith that somehow, some way, Hannibal will eventually continue… we just may have a longer HeAteUs (hiatus) than usual.

Meanwhile, we can continue to support the show, the cast, and the crew, as we have been the past twelve weeks, by live tweeting the finale and taking over Twitter. Every week, despite cancellation, despite being moved to Saturdays mid-season, Fannibals continue to live tweet and trend. Additionally, we continuously make it into the Nielsen Twitter Daily Top 5 every week. Fannibals truly are amazing!

Wouldn’t it be great, if for the finale, we snag that elusive number 1 spot on the Nielsen Twitter Daily Top 5? Also, wouldn’t be wonderful if we trended, again, as we are wont to do? There are a few things we can do to try to accomplish these goals.

Nielsen begins counting tweets three hours before the show airs up to three hours after it airs. That means tweets with #Hannibal are counted, starting at 7 p.m. EDT to 2 a.m. EDT for the east coast airing. If you are like me, and don’t actually tweet as much during the episode (except for commercial breaks), tweeting before and after are a good way to increase our tweets. (Scheduling tweets is also a good idea.)

During the show, follow the hashtag on Twitter; simply click on #Hannibal (it acts like a URL link), and you will be able to see all the tweets that everyone is making using that hashtag. Following this page, as well as replying to tweets and retweeting, will help us increase our “unique audience.” This is important as this is the way Nielsen ranks shows for their Twitter Daily Top 5. We usually have the most tweets, but our unique audience is lower, so we get the number 2 or number 3 spots. Following the hashtag page and replying and retweeting tweets will help us grab that number 1 spot.

When tweeting, be sure to only use two hashtags per tweet. Also, try to avoid swear words (or use symbols instead of letters if you must). Unfortunately, tweets with more than two hashtags are marked as spam and not counted toward the trends. Likewise, tweets with swear words are not counted by Nielsen.

When replying to tweets, always be sure to include the hashtags. Also, when retweeting someone, include a few words and then the hashtags. For example:  “I agree with this! #Hannibal #HannibalMicDrop [Retweeted tweet here].” This way the replies and retweets also get counted.

Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) & Will Graham (Hugh Dancy); “And The Woman Clothed In Sun”

Unfortunately, if you are an international Fannibal, Nielsen doesn’t count your tweets (but, Twitter still does for trends). However, if you put “INT” in your tweets, or in your name, that lets U.S. Fannibals know that you are an international Fannibal and we can retweet you. When a U.S. Fannibal retweets an international Fannibal, it does get counted by Nielsen.

If you are not going to be on Twitter during the time of the episode (because of time zone differences, work, etc.), you can always schedule tweets using TweetDeck and/or HootSuite.

The Hashtags:
This Saturday, we have three hashtags that will be used, and it would be amazing if we could get all three trending. First, of course, is #Hannibal. You can use that whenever, but Nielsen starts counting it at 7 p.m. EDT on the east coast. The second hashtag is the one that De Laurentiis Company has designated, which is #HannibalMicDrop. It is important that we do NOT use this hashtag until 9 p.m. EDT. If it is used earlier than that, it will be harder for us to trend. Of course, continue using #Hannibal as well.

The third hashtag is something special. It’s #BigFannibalHug and we will begin using it at 10:30pm EDT; please do NOT use it before then. It is in conjunction with the Thunderclap that is set up to show our love and appreciation to the cast and crew of Hannibal. The Thunderclap is a surprise for them, and so PLEASE, when you sign up and it asks if you want to share it on Twitter DO NOT SHARE IT, otherwise it will spoil the surprise; I cannot emphasize this enough. If you want to share it on Twitter, copy the link for the Thunderclap and attach the picture on the right (with the fork) in the tweet.

Since there are three hashtags, and we can only use two hashtags per tweet, it is advised that you alternate tweets. For example, first tweet #Hannibal + #HannibalMicDrop; second tweet #Hannibal + #BigFannibalHug.

Tweeting Timeline:
7 p.m. EDT to 9 p.m. EDT:  #Hannibal + whatever hashtag of your choice (ex. #Fannibals)

9 p.m. EDT to 2 a.m. EDT: #Hannibal + #HannibalMicDrop

10:30 p.m. EDT: Begin using #BigFannibalHug (alternating with #HannibalMicDrop) + #Hannibal

We have done amazing things this season, Fannibals! On Saturday, let’s take over Twitter and show Nielsen and NBC that Fannibals are a force to be reckoned with!