A Letter of Thanks to the Cast and Crew of ‘Hannibal’

I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people that have worked tirelessly to make Hannibal the masterpiece that it is.

Three years ago, I watched the Hannibal premiere as a skeptic, but with a little hope that the show would be worthwhile. Nothing could have prepared me for just how stunning the show would be. It truly is unique, and in my opinion, the best show that has aired on television. From the rich, sometimes funny, dialogue to the gorgeous cinematography to the delicious food porn to the superb acting, everything has been executed with excellence.

Mr. Bryan Fuller, you truly are a creative genius. Without you, of course, this show would not be the work of art that it is. In the wrong hands, a Hannibal prequel/reboot could have gone terribly wrong. I have only seen a glimpse of how hard you work to make this show, courtesy of the Season 2 DVD documentary, and it amazes me. Additionally, your interaction with the Fannibals — the live tweeting, going to cons, answering questions — was a pleasant surprise. I couldn’t believe that a showrunner would take the time out of his extremely busy schedule to do those things, and I want you to know that it does not go unappreciated. Thank you, truly, for all that you do. I wish for you continued success, and I do hope that this is only an extended HeAteUs for our beloved show.

Mrs. Martha De Laurentiis, I want to thank you for making Hannibal possible. It is because of you and your vision that we even have this show at all. I also want to thank you for your time and the effort you make to engage with the Fannibals. I can only imagine how busy you are, yet you joined in with the live tweeting, you went to cons, you went on podcasts and did interviews, and I am grateful. You have really helped make this feel like more of a family and not just a fandom.

De Laurentiis Company (DLC) on Twitter and Tumblr, you sir are truly awesome. I will never forget how welcomed you made all Fannibals feel. I joined Twitter late in the series (just a few weeks before the Season 2 finale) and was amazed at your encouragement and interaction with the Fannibals. The way you organized voting surges, various “games,” such as Hannibal Seuss, and organized Hannibal re-watches during the lengthy HeAteUs was wonderful. I know I tweet it to you often, but I really sincerely mean it: thank you for all you do for the Fannibals.

To all the Hannibal writers, I really would have loved to be a fly on the wall in the writers’ room. The story you have created, from the dialogue to the crazy murder tableaux, and of course Murder Husbands, has been such an amazing joy to experience. You took a book series (and film series) that I loved and elevated it to something even greater than I could have imagined. You played with the canon so that it was familiar but at the same time unexpected, making it fresh and new for those of us that knew the characters and storyline. It was impressive, if you ask me. In addition to that, I know many (if not all) of you joined in the live tweeting as well and took the time to reply to Fannibals. That’s something that was not necessary, yet you did so anyhow. Thank you so much.

“Meat’s back on the menu.”

Janice Poon, I have to include you in this letter because you truly are a gem. Your work on Hannibal has been incredible and has inspired many Fannibals to take to the kitchen. You create works of art on a show that is nothing but art. You manage to make the food look appetizing but also macabre. It is a testament to your skills that most (if not all) of us would sit down at Hannibal’s table, even knowing what we are being served. When you joined Twitter, you were welcomed with open arms by the Fannibals, and you welcomed us in return. Furthermore, you have created and maintained one of the best Hannibal blogs, going out of your way to share your insights on what it has been like to work on this amazing show, as well as sharing delicious recipes.

Sean Armstrong, I will say that before Hannibal, and before reading your tweets, I would have never even thought about the job that you do. Between the Season 2 DVD documentary and your tweets, I have gained a better understanding of how hard you all work. I know this third season, especially, had to be trying for you, what with … All. That. Glass. Your interaction, also, with the Fannibals has been treasured, especially all the fun anecdotes you shared during the live tweets. Thank you.

I realize it may be unlikely that Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy will read this, but I want to extend a thank you to them as well (just in case they do read it). Never before have I been so riveted by characters on a television show. Your abilities are astounding to me. The true friendship you have off-camera is reflected in your chemistry on-camera. To take on such iconic roles as Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham was a huge undertaking. Not only did you succeed, in my opinion, you have outperformed previous incarnations. In my mind, you are the definitive Hannibal and Will. Thank you for your hard work. And while you’re not on social media, I have watched the panels you both have appeared on, and I have read reactions from fans that have met both of you, and I know that you both are truly amazing people. Thank you for always making the Fannibals feel appreciated.

Of course, I could go through the entire cast and crew and say thank you to each one individually, but this letter of thanks would turn into a novella. I truly could not sing the praises of this show, of this cast and crew, enough. Just know that from the bottom of my heart, I appreciate every single person that has worked on creating this most stunning, beautiful, thought-provoking, boundary-pushing, show. You are truly an inspiration to many of us, and we owe all of you awe.

I believe that this show has not ended; that the story will get to be completed, even if we may have a longer HeAteUs ahead. I know I am willing to wait, as are many others.

In the wise words of a(n) (in)famous doctor, “One cannot control with respect to whom we fall in love.”

Nakama forever.